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We are taking orders on
Mon-Fri 10.30-14.15
Sat 11.00-14.15
* Please allow 30-60 min for delivery

Regular can be anything between 200g and 450g depanding on toppings.
Large one is 50% bigger, great to share or when you are really hungry.

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Gazpacho Salad Bar

Start a week in a healthy way with Gazpacho Salad Bar. Subscribe to our challenge and we will deliver daily to your door step:

  • 350K vnd for 5 of our house made salads
  • 280K vnd for 5 of our house made wraps
  • 200K vnd for 5 of our healthy smoothies
Orderes will be delivered (or ready to pickup) from 11am on Mondays to Saturdays.
*delivery has to be paid as an extra
*veg/no nut/different allergies option available

For more info text us on fb.com/gazpacho.salads or call 0981367283

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